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How it Works

Khronix prides itself on having a premier selection of hemp flower from the Finest farms in the nation. We strive to be the ultimate ancillary supply chain partner for your online hemp flower marketplace.

We make sure all flower is cured, stored, and trimmed to your specifications in our 10,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in Eugene, we manage stock from farms from around the USA. We intake the flower run a hands-on quality control making sure the flower looks good, mold free, trimmed correctly, and stored in the right temper-controlled environment. Ordering is simple, pick what strain you like and the amount and then we package and ship to you ready to go in the bag to the end user.

Our service saves you money, the friction of interacting with 200+ farms is something most online companies just do not want to do. With Khronix wholesale network you get the same selection with quality-controlled product by communicating with one company. Fill out the form and let’s schedule a call and we can show you how we save you money.


Email your request to Shipments[at]Khronixflower.com

What Our Wholesale Clients Get

Ultimate Selection

Simplified Purchasing

Quality Controlled Product

Save Time & Money With Khronix

If you have a business selling hemp flower you may have gone through all the trails and tribulations with working with multiple farms to source your flower. Problems with keeping stock, dealing with 10 differnt payment methods and 10 differnt offices and you do this all becasue you think this is where you find the best deals and quality flower, but that simply is not true.

Khronix is inbedded in the industry and procures hemp flower from some of the finiest farms through out the USA we have a wonderful selection of high end and budget hemp flower. We can compete or beat many farms pricies this is becasue we have long standing releationships with farms and purchase from them in bulk. So going direct to the farm for 20 lbs just does not make sense. We take it off the farm in bulk and make sure it is hand quality controled and stored at the correct moisture level in our 10,000 square foot facility in Eugene Oregon. 

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