Whole Sale Hemp Extracts

Wholesale Bulk Extracts for CBD Product Manufactures

One Hemp Extraction Facility can not do it all.

The Hemp Market is huge and the array of products is expanding all the time. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry and be your supply chain partner. Khronix has a solid network of leading edge extraction companies each with their own niched skilled set. You will be amazed of what is avialble in our network. 

Why use a company like Khronix?

We are a third party, which is a turn off for companies that dont relaize the value of this type of releationship. We value bringing together the best of the best and we vetted everyone that we work with extensivley. When you access one of our partners you dont go through the front dorr of an extraction company you go in through our contact and get the best price for their products. 

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