What is CBD Kief

Explianation of one of the oldest Cannabis Concentrate

CBD Kief is the harvested dried trichomes from hemp cannabis. Keif is slang for the end product with which you can smoke directly or make other products out of.

The sticky white crystals found on hemp are where most of the cannabinoids are. So when you harvest these into a keif powder, you get a consolidation of cannabinoids, making CBD keif more potent than CBD flower.

Cannabis Keif has been collected for thousands of years and is a traditional way to consume cannabis. Since kief or keef is a concentrate, you can transport smaller amounts, and since the trichomes have less of a smell than the flower, it is less pungent and more comfortable to conceal.

CBD Keif is an ideal choice if you’re looking to increase your cannabinoid intake or change the high you get when smoking marijuana.

More About Kief

As we know, CBD Kief powder is the resin trichomes that form on the buds of hemp cannabis. Trichomes are small, round glands that protrude from the surface; they look like a mushroom with a long skinny stem. Inside trichomes are where the primary consolidation of cannabinoids is the greatest. Cannabinoids do exist throughout the plant but in lesser amounts.

Trichomes form on other plants and are a deterrent for animals making the cannabis plant less appetizing to herbivores.

Where the word comes from

Kief is derived from the Arabic word “kayf” meaning “pleasure” or “intoxication.” Kief or Keef, also referred to as “dry sift” or “pollen,”

What does Keif look like

You can see from the pictures that kief looks like shiny powder. If you take a close look, you can see almost like small crystals like sugar. High-quality kief is a light tan color the more green in a keif means the sift that it has gone through had larger openings letting more green plant material through.

Kief is primarily used to make hash, and if there is a lot of plant material inside the kief, it will not stick together nicely when pressing it into hash.

How do you make your own Kief?

You can do this in a few ways, and youtube is the best option for full instructions on how to get keif, but here are a few options.

A three-chambered grinder: is an excellent way to collect small amounts of kief for personal use. This tool has a bottom compartment on the other side of a small screen. So when you use your grinder to crush your CBD bud into joints, the trichomes break off and fall through the screen, and are collected in a small chamber. However, this will not get you a lot.

Dry sifting: You can buy or create a box or a tumbler to help you separate trichomes from your flower or CBD trim. This method will work with any hemp but the better the starting material, the bigger yields you will get. You just put your starting material in one compartment; the other chamber is separated by a screen (50-100 microns). Then shake or tumble the flower, and trichomes will break off and collect into kief. Different sized screens will yield different grades of kief.


Dry Ice kief: You can do the same method above but add a small amount of dry ice to your starting material. This method will freeze the trichomes and make them break off easier when you agitate the hemp. In this method, you will get more than dry sifting, and it is pretty easy to modify any dry sifting method with dry ice.

Ice Water kief: This is more involved than the previous methods. CBD and THC are not water-soluble. So you can do this process in water and regular ice. It would be best if you bought bubble bags or made, especially for this, or it can be a real mess. But the idea is the same the trichomes freeze and break off, fall through the water, and collect on the screen. You need to do this in steps with multiple bags.

Buy some From Khronix: We have done all the heavy lifting and created top-quality compliant CBD Kief that is legal nationwide.

What can you do with kief?

CBD Kief is excellent; you can use it on its own or modify your marijuana smoking regime with some CBD keef.

Marijuana Topper: Sprinkle it on top of a bowl of marijuana and modify your high and flavors. CBD can change the effects of THC, sometimes mellowing it out a little bit. And it is a great way to get a high concentration of CBD, as finding high concentration marijuana in a dispensary is near impossible.

Mix in a Joint: Mix flower and kief together, and you get a richer tasting joint and will make it burn slightly slower. Mixing kief in joints is an age-old tactic and highly recommended.

Make Hash: Has is just keif compressed and heated, some like hash more it stays together and is easy to transport can wrap hash in plastic wrap or tinfoil and stick it in your pocket for the road.

Dab it: You can dab kief or take knife hits. It might make your dab rig a little bit dirty because there will still be some plant material in it that will get left behind.

Add it to Shisha: Same as adding it to a bowl, sprinkle some kief on top of tobacco shisha, and you now have a different flavor and a whole lot of CBD.

Add kief to your tea: You can add kief directly to your tea. Hot water will activate the CBD and THC so it can be accepted in your body. It can also taste quite lovely in tea.

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