Organic CBD Massage Oil

The most effective CBD massage oil ever created 

CBD Massage oil can get you more from your massage, you feel the effects of the CBD for hours after your massage and you might even feel the most refreshed the day after.

So whay is Khronix’s Down Deep massage oil so effective? This is beacuse we use a nano sized CBDa based oil that knocks inflamation out. Most CBD oils have a bigger molecule size which do go into the skin but ours alllows the CBDa to go deep down past your skin actually going into your blood stream and travel to your sore muscle

CBDa is one of the strongest natural anti inflamatory molceules, and when you get rid of the inflamation it allows your body to heal its self and that helps reduce further inflamation. 

 So you can alleviate your body pain and loosen up your psyche with our organic CBD massage oil . Regardless of whether you’re doing a day at the spa, or getting worked on by a physical thearpist, or simply having your loved one help loosenyou up, our Down Deep massage oils will leave your body feeling revitalized and your skin feeling quite smooth.

You may think massage oils are excessively oily, however we have formulated our to be effective during the massage but not hang around after oiling up your shirt or be embarrsingly greasy after a massage. We use, as shea butter  and argon oil, that go into your skin, without that greased pig feeling.

As well in our massage oils we have added a small amout of essentail oil, but not an excessive amount just enough to help ease your busy mind while getting a treatment, not smell like a thai temple all day. 

We have crafted the perfect CBD massage oil.


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