Organic CBD Massage Oil

The most effective CBD massage oil ever created 

Khronix’s Down Deep CBD massage oil is a game-changer for anyone seeking natural

relief from sore muscles and tension.  With high-quality, organic ingredients, and the power of CBD,

this luxurious oil will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Organic CBD Massage Oils

Massages are a great way for you to relax, ease tension and deal with pain whether it’s chronic or sudden. Normally, massages are done to help increase blood flow, release muscles and relax. Massage oils are meant to help a therapist’s hands glide easily over skin, and are slowly absorbed. CBD massage oil aims to not only provide a suitable oil for massages but also add the benefits of CBD to a regular massage.

What are CBD Massage Oils?

CBD massage oils consist of the cannabinoids in cannabis, without the THC content. The CBD is added into a base oil that is made of regular massage oil ingredients. Normal massage oils are usually made with sweet almonds, cold-pressed coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and olive oil. There may also be additional ingredients added. Such as menthol, peppermint, lavender, and many more. The combination of these ingredients is meant to give the benefits of CBD to the person receiving the message.Cannabis Terpenes Article

CBD Massage oil

Khronix Down Deep Massage Oil

CBD Massage oil can get you more from your massage, you feel the effects of the CBD for hours after your massage and you might even feel the most refreshed the day after.

So whay is Khronix’s Down Deep massage oil so effective? This is beacuse we use a nano sized CBDa based oil that knocks inflamation out. Most CBD oils have a bigger molecule size which do go into the skin but ours alllows the CBDa to go deep down past your skin actually going into your blood stream and travel to your sore muscle. Nano CBD

CBDa is one of the strongest natural anti inflamatory molceules, and when you get rid of the inflamation it allows your body to heal its self and that helps reduce further inflamation. Benefits of CBDa Article

So you can alleviate your body pain and loosen up your psyche with our organic CBD massage oil . Regardless of whether you’re doing a day at the spa, or getting worked on by a physical thearpist, or simply having your loved one help loosenyou up, our Down Deep massage oils will leave your body feeling revitalized and your skin feeling quite smooth.

You may think massage oils are excessively oily, however we have formulated our to be effective during the massage but not hang around after oiling up your shirt or be embarrsingly greasy after a massage. We use, as shea butter  and argon oil, that go into your skin, without that greased pig feeling.

As well in our massage oils we have added a small amout of essentail oil, but not an excessive amount just enough to help ease your busy mind while getting a treatment, not smell like a thai temple all day.

We have crafted the perfect CBD massage oil.


What are the benefits of CBD oil massages?

CBD massage oils generally provide the same benefits as CBD taken in other ways. Although with CBD massages, the CBD is absorbed directly through the skin. This method of taking CBD can provide the following benefits:

Pain Relief
CBD massages are amazing for those who suffer from chronic pain, especially when included in a massage. The cannabinoids help reduce inflammation and soothe soreness. Making the messages even more effective when easing painful joints and muscles. CBD also helps speed up the healing process, which makes it helpful for people recovering from physical injuries.

This can be amazing for people that suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, and back pain. The effects of CBD from the oil can be felt within minutes and even last for hours, especially if the oil is left alone and not washed off.

Anxiety and tension reduction
The combination of massage and CBD oil can help ease your mind and body. CBD is already known to help manage anxiety and stress, which are known to also affect the body and increase tension. Having CBD oil in your massage will help reduce your anxiety, stress, and tension in your body.

This is a great way to boost your mood and deal with the physical effects of any stress. The calming and loosening effects of the CBD and massage can help ease your anxiety. This will also help improve your sleeping habits and the quality of your sleep.

CBD Oil Massage room

How should I choose CBD massage oils?

When choosing CBD massage oils for your needs, these points are important:

  • The amount of CBD that the oil contains. This is important as products will differ in the amount of CBD they contain per ounce of oil.
  • The THC content of massage oil. While CBD content is the main focus, some products may contain THC which gives that “high” feeling. It is worth checking if the product contains THC if you don’t want any effects to form it. It’s worth noting that hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal federally but still illegal under some state laws. So it’s worth checking your local laws.
  • Check the Certificate of Analysis (COA). Products will come with COA that you can check for other ingredients, and contaminants, along with their CBD and THC levels. These COAs will come from third-party labs. Reputable companies will give proof of their third-party testing.
  • Check the CBD source and type. You will be looking for hemp grown in the U.S. as they are subject to agricultural regulations. This can also give you an idea if the product is federally legal, full spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum.
Woman on spa with CBD Oil
CBD OIl Model

These are the things to look for while browsing for organic CBD massage oils. There are also some warning signs:

  • Bold health claims. Yes, CBD does provide health benefits. But it’s not a cure-all that can help with every disease. 
  • Vague or misleading ingredient lists. Some brands will even try to sell you hempseed oil or cannabis Sativa seed oil as CBD. This is misleading as CBD will be listed as cannabidiol or hemp extract.
  • Bad reviews, complaints, and problems with the FDA. This is a major red flag as any problems with the product and company should be avoided. Doing some research on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and reviews of the products goes a long way in avoiding problems.

How do I use CBD massage oils?

People who want to reduce stress and muscle tension frequently choose CBD massage oils. They can be utilized for a number of things, including easing pain, lowering inflammation, and encouraging relaxation. The benefit of using CBD massage oils is that they can offer localized relief and enable a more focused approach to treating particular body parts.

It’s crucial to remember that compared to other methods of administration, including ingestion or inhalation, only a little quantity of CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through topical application. There is very little chance that utilizing CBD massage oils will have any noticeable psychotropic effects.

When selecting a CBD massage oil, it’s crucial to look for products that are made with premium ingredients and have undergone testing at a separate lab. By doing so, you may assist ensure that the product is risk-free, efficient, and devoid of dangerous pollutants.

All things considered, using CBD massage oils as part of your self-care regimen can be very beneficial. But if you’re taking any medications or have any underlying medical issues, it’s crucial to consult your doctor before using them.


For those wishing to apply CBD topically, organic CBD massage oils are fantastic. Physical discomfort, tension, and inflammation can all be decreased using CBD massage oils. Additionally, they enhance the quantity and quality of your sleep while lowering stress and anxiety. There are many different types and amounts of CBD massage oils if you want to give them a try. As a result, you may be sure to find a choice that works for you.

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