Is CBD Psychoactive

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Is CBD psychoactive like THC?

This is a common question when it comes to CBD. If you look it up online, some sources will directly say that CBD is not psychoactive, while others would claim that it is. But first, let us define the word psychoactive. Eating vs Smoking THC Article

Psychoactive or psychotropic substances are those that can affect the minds of those who use them. They can alter the mood, thoughts, and consciousness of individuals. Common examples of psychoactive substances are tobacco, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, and of course cannabis.


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Based on the definition of psychoactive, and the common uses of CBD flower, it can be classified as psychoactive but inreality it is not. Being psychoactive doesn’t mean that it is automatically hallucinogenic, intoxicating, or can cause euphoria. In fact, a lot of medications are considered psychoactive and the most widely-consumed What are Psychoactives is coffee, which is generally safe to take.

As mentioned in a paper published in 2019, determining the psychoactivity of CBD will depend on its dose. It is safe to say that it is “weakly psychoactive” at commercial doses and can be “strongly psychoactive” at therapeutic doses. But it is not similar to THC which can result in being high or euphoric.

Here are the rest of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of CBD.

Can you drive after taking CBD oil?

Driving after taking CBD oil is generally safe as it does not interfere with this skill. However, you should also be aware that taking higher doses might cause drowsiness, which is not good if you are going to drive. If it is your first time taking CBD oil, it would be great to wait first and see how your body responds to it prior to hopping behind the wheel. Organic CBD Massage Oil

Can you use CBD and alcohol together?

There is limited research conducted on the effects of mixing alcohol and CBD oil. But though sparse, these studies claim that it is basically safe to take the two substances together. In fact, in a study conducted in 1979, it was shown that those who took alcohol and CBD oil together have lower blood alcohol levels compared to those who only took alcohol. What is Hash Oil Article

However, though CBD is shown to lower blood alcohol levels, it is not proven to decrease or lessen the effect of alcohol on the body. If consumed in large amounts, alcohol can still lead to intoxication even if taken with CBD oil. Hence, you should still be mindful of the effects of alcohol consumption with or without CBD oil.

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 Can you fail a drug test due to the CBD flower?

Regular drug tests look for THC and its metabolites. CBD flower only has traces of THC, around 0.3% or lower, so it is unlikely to be detected in a drug test. However, in some cases, there are drug tests that have lower THC thresholds, meaning they may actually be able to detect THC from CBD flowers depending on the amount of intake.

In a paper published in 2001 entitled Evaluating the Impact of Hemp Food Consumption on Workplace Drug Tests, it was shown that the result of the drug test will be dependent on the amount of consumption as well as the THC level in the plant. To illustrate, if you take too much CBD, like a half month’s supply in just one dose, then you will most likely fail the drug test. But, if you consume CBD in its regular dose, it is not expected to interfere with your test.

While most CBD products have negligible THC contents and would not cause you to get high, there are also CBD isolates that contain zero THC, which you might want to take instead to make sure that you won’t fail your CBD and Drug Tests.




Whether psychoactive or not, one thing is sure – CBD is not intoxicating. You can take advantage of its therapeutic effects in almost all hemp flower products, but also keep in mind that anything that is consumed in large quantities is not good. Be mindful of the dose that you take, and consult your doctor for advice especially if you are taking it with other medications or you have an existing serious health condition.

More research and studies are being conducted on CBD and its other possible uses. Preliminary research is showing positive results in using CBD as a treatment for diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, dementia, autism, and many more. Eventually, we will find out more about CBD and see a larger scope of what it can do in the medical field. The Science Behind CBD Hash: How Does it Work Article

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