Daytime Tincture


Umpqua Valley Daytime Hemp Oil is equal parts blend of Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD: 4,000 MG
Size: 30 ML (1 oz)

  • Available in Unflavored or Ginger Root
  • 4000 MG cannabinoids
  • Craft full spectrum 1 CBD: 1 CBG blends
  • Straight from our farms & produced in partnership with a trusted lab
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Tincture Details

Type: Full Spectrun

CBD Amount: 4,000 mg

THC Amount: Less than 0.3%

Flavor Profile: Ginger, Natural Flavor

Daytime Hemp Oil 5000 mg CBD Tinctures

Umpqua Valley Hemp’s Daytime Hemp Oil is equal parts blend of Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Daytime promotes calming and focusing effects and supports reduction in inflammation produced by many ailments found in modern society. Daytime is also a good choice for those looking to support recovery from adventure and exercise. CBG has been shown to support inflammatory skin ailments such as psoriasis or eczema. Live hemp terpenes that were steam distilled raw from our field are added to enhance benefits and provide a fresh from the field flavor and aroma. This oil is craft produced in small batches to ensure potency and purity. We believe people deserve high-quality,  products and that is what we’ve produced with our hemp oil product line.

FDA Disclaimer: These products are not regulated by the FDA and therefore is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions. Consult your doctor if you are concerned about how hemp products may interact with medications you are currently taking.

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