Hemp Shisha & CBD Shisha for Hookah’s

Finest Flavored Hemp Flower 

Hemp Shisha, 100% Hemp Flower

Hemp Shisha is made with 100% organic CBD hemp flower and a combination of ingredients such as glycerin, honey, molasses, sugar cane, and flavorings.

As the activity of hookah smoking grows, some people would like a way to smoke Shisha without the head rush or addictive properties of tobacco or nicotine. History of the hookah

It is nicotine-free but is made from CBD-rich hemp flower. CBD has many reported benefits from body pain reduction to anxiety and has no addictive properties.

Hemp Shisha will smoke just like a normal hookah session, you have options of different flavors and still blow nice big clouds.

Hemp shisha is organic hemp flower cured slowly keeping all of the great terpenes intact, then milled and mixed with 100% all-natural honey and flavorings.


Hemp Shisha Products coming March 15th 2021

Herbal CBD Shisha

Herbal CBD Shisha is a tea leaf with molasses, flavorings, and CBD isolates. It is used and smokes just like shish but it is not the same as Hemp Shisha.

What is the difference between Herbal Shisha and Hemp Shisha?

These are not the same product. Hemp Shisha is 100% hemp flower and Herbal CBD Shisha is just tea leaf with CBD added. Hemp flower shisha is made from the cannabis plant and contains many cannabinoids other the CBD (cannabidiol) it even includes a small about of the psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hemp Shisha made by Khronix’s

Khronix’s Shisha is made with 100% organic hemp flower sun grown in the USA. We add flavorings and plant-based glycerin, so it tastes very similar to regular shisha without the tobacco. Hemp flower will give you more of a feeling of relaxation than herbal shisha and is a higher quality smoking experience than smoking tea leaves.

Hemp flower shisha is perfect for the hookah connoisseur that wants to mix it up or the newbie that might be afraid of tobacco. This is also a great way to enjoy a hookah session with your friends that do not like tobacco or nicotine. It will make you have a slight sense of relaxation and it gets CBD into your body so the next day you could even feel a little bit less inflammation and stress in your body.

CBD Hash for Anxiety: Does it Really Work?

The Hookah was Probably Invented for Hemp Cannabis

he Hookah was most likely invented for smoking low THC content cannabis flower in the 15th century or before. Low THC Cannabis is the definition of Hemp, so really the hookah was invented for smoking hemp shisha. The Hookah only later got popularity for smoking tobacco leaf in the 17th. So by smoking hemp shisha we are finally going back to the original context of the shisha, to smoke hemp through a water bong in a relaxed atmosphere focused on socializing. It is the best way to enjoy hemp, it gets you that relaxed chilled out vibe that you get when smoking hemp without any uncomfortable burn from taking in unfiltered hemp into your lungs. History of the hookah Article

Why Cannabis Culture will Benefit From Hemp Shisha

Cannabis culture today is focused mainly on getting extremely high, with THC concentrates, dabbing and Cannabis flower in the high 20% range most experiences with cannabis end up with getting very intoxicated. Which is all fine, but possibly not how the plant was supposed to be used, We have spent years cultivating strains that are very potent, but did you know the average THC percentage even in the ’70s was like 10% THC. That is some of the lowest available in dispensaries today.

Hemp Shisha is a little different way of interacting with Cannabis, It is a social experience that everyone over the age of 18 can take part in, It gives you a little warm fuzzy feeling and you can enjoy the rest of your night without the burning desire to go home and binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream. How to use Hooka Article

CBD Hemp Shisha FAQ

Hemp Shisha, Can you get you Stoned?

Smoking Hemp shisha does not get you high, but since you can take in so much more smoking through a water filtration you will feel the effects of the CBD more and Hemp flower more because you can take in more comfortably.

What is in a Hemp shisha made From?

100% organic hemp flower, honey, sugar, flavorings, and plant-based glycerin.

Is shisha bad for the lungs?

Yes, not to sugar coat it, smoking anything is bad for you, smoking through a shisha does filter it through water so it is cool and does not feel harsh on your lungs but any foreign material going into your lungs is not going to be beneficial.

What is the meaning of shisha?

Shisha is just the Arabic name for a type of pipe for burning tobacco, in which after it is lit the smoke passes through a container of water before breathed in. Is also referred to as Mu’assel.

Does hemp hookah or herbal hookah have tobacco?

No, Both products are nicotine-free and most likely nonhabit forming products. As well they do not elicit a dizzy feeling or nausea sometimes induced by large amounts of tobacco..

The Differnces Between Hemp Shisha and Tabacco Shisha?

Hemp Shisha

  • Non-Addictive
  • No Tabacco
  • No Nicotine Rush
  • Great Flavors
  • Organic Hemp Flower


Tabacco Shisha

  • Addictive
  • Tabacco Product
  • Nicotine Rush
  • Great Flavors


traditional Shisha

About Shisha

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