Different Methods of Using CBD Isolate

Everything You Need To Know About Different Methods of Using CBD Isolate

CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD available on the market. Considering the powder form CBD isolates come in, they can open up a world of possibilities. We’ll run through the multiple ways you take CBD isolates, ranging from simple to more complex methods.

CBD Isolates 101

CBD isolates are a pure crystalline powder form of CBD. This means it doesn’t contain the other forms of cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, or flavonoids that you’d find in other CBD products. You may find that CBD isolates can contain a small amount of THC content in them. Although with laws, they generally remain below the 0.3% limit for legal reasons. Isolates can contain between 98% – 99.7% pure CBD depending on their quality.

Isolates can be made naturally by extracting them from hemp plants or made synthetically. While extracting CBD isolates from hemp is considered better, it is still a difficult process that requires multiple steps. These steps include extracting the CBD concentrate from the hemp plant. Then the crude extract goes through Winterisation and Decarboxylation. Finally, the concentrated CBD fraction is mixed with a non-polar solvent, then processed to create the CBD Isolate powder.

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Using CBD Isolates

The neutral powder form of CBD isolates allows it to be used in many different ways. What’s also great about the powder form is that it allows you to easily measure out your doses with a kitchen scale. Starting out from a lower dose such as 10mg for a few days, then gauging its effects is a good way of figuring out how much you need. We’ll now explain the different ways you can take CBD isolates. Cannabidiol (CBD) Understanding the Benefits and Risks Article


A popular and straightforward way of taking CBD isolates. This method just involves placing an amount of isolate under your tongue for a minute. Alternatively, putting it into your mouth also works. Not only is this method easy to do, but it’s also effective. Your mucous membranes will absorb the CBD and deliver it directly into your bloodstream. This makes the effects of CBD much faster and stronger.

You can also make your own CBD tinctures with CBD isolates, as tinctures are also taken sublingually. CBD dissolves better in fats compared to water, so you can make your own oils at home, and also add terpene concentrates for flavor.


You can ingest CBD isolates by mixing them with your food and drinks. Water soluble isolates tend to work better with drinks, which allows them to better mix with liquids. This makes it an amazing add-on to any food you’d like to give a boost of CBD. You can choose to add it during the cooking process of a dish. Although you’d have to be careful not to heat it too much, as it can lose its potency with heat. Adding CBD isolates to juices and smoothies is simpler, leaving you just to stir it in. An interesting way is also by adding isolate powder to honey or stevia as a sweetener. All of these methods would just require you to measure the amount and add it in. Is CBD Psychoactive Article

You can also ingest CBD isolate powder in capsule or pill form. This lets you take pre-prepared accurate doses of CBD. Although this method would need you to keep your capsules properly in a cool, dry, and sealed container. This method can especially be helpful if you prefer to ingest CBD but want to avoid the hassle of cooking / mixing it in. Although, it should be noted that ingesting CBD will take time for the effects to kick in. As the CBD will have to go through your digestive system, and through this process, the bioavailability of the CBD will be reduced compared to other methods.


You can take CBD isolates topically through your skin. Although this method would involve you mixing the isolate with a high-fat carrier oil like olive oil or hemp seed oil, or everyday cream. This way, the CBD will be absorbed through your skin and give you the effects. Organic CBD Massage Oil


There are multiple ways of inhaling CBD isolate. One method is making your isolated power into crystal slabs that you can dab on a traditional oil rig. You can also use the isolate to create your own concentrates by mixing them with terpenes.

Vaping is a popular method of inhaling CBD isolates. One simple method is by mixing in the power with your existing vape juice. Some people prefer to make their own vape juice with their own vape juices with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The ratio of PG to VG can range from a 50%-50% split to a 70% PG to 30% PG, depending on their taste. Although the amount of CBD isolate can range from 300mg to 2000mg of powder for 30 ml of oil/juice. Flavors can also be added with concentrated terpenes through a few drops added to the liquid. Delta 8 Tinctures and Vape

Vaping isolate powder can also be done directly, as its vaporizing point is between 180-200°C. Mesh vaporizers are meant for concentrates, so isolate powders will work with them. This would just require opening up the top compartment to expose the stainless steel mesh, then gently placing the dosage of CBD isolate powder on it. All that’s left is to hen close up and hit the powder button. It’s worth noting that the powder can instantly vaporize in one hit. So be careful with how much powder you use.

You can also use CBD isolates as an add-on to your regular hemp flower smoking. This would just involve you adding some isolate powder into your hemp flower roll. Combined with the hemp flower contents of CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds, this will produce the entourage effect, which won’t be felt alone with just the isolate.


CBD isolates offer a great amount of flexibility with how you can take CBD. While some ways can be blander and straightforward. Other methods will also allow you to experiment with amounts and other flavors and compounds to create a method that you can enjoy. The Benefits and Uses of CBD Hash Article

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