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Khronix is all about freedom.

Freedom of self expression, freedom from persecution while using cannabis and freedom from chronic pain and inflammation.

We put every ounce of our energy into making first class products that help support and motivate people through their lives. Whether it is to relax, socialize, mend or stay healthy.
We believe in the healing powers of cannabis and we built Khronix to stay true to the intrinsic nature of the plant.

Khronix is a socially responsible company. We have built community support into our business. Not only from a bottom line percentage of profits, but also in the donation of our time and energy into valuable community initiatives.

We are all connected and it is in human nature to be a woven community that denounces oppression and builds freedom for everyone. Khronix is proud to be a piece of this movement.

Our Mission

We provide the highest quality hemp products available. We do all that we can to produce, cultivate and create amazing hemp products

All of our hemp is organically grown and impeccable attention to detail goes into crafting our products.


We support inner city youth and disadvantaged families with our initiative called “Pounds for the People”.

Where we donate 1% of our profits to causes and people that are in need of some finanical help.


We donate another 1% of our profits to green initiatives that help support our planet.

Our operation uses earth first practices and reduces our consumption in every way we can.


Our Initiatives

Khronix puts total of 2% of our profits towards charities.

1% to charities supporting children from low income houses in the USA

1 % to environmental Charites making a difference in our planet.

Khronix is a future forward company that recognizes that the success of our business is only in part to having a healthy functioning society and environment.

Our network


Khronix works with over 180 Organic Farms to supply the USA and the world with the highest quality and selection of hemp flower, hemp biomass, hemp extracts and other hemp products available, we belive in long term relationships with farmers and making a strong network where we can all grow our crops and our business together. Inquire about our partner farm network today


Khronix works with brands to supply them with premium hemp flower, biomass and extracts.  Tired of dealing with 100 differnt vendors to run your business, simplify your purchasing through Khronix. You may belive that you get better prices going farm direct, but it is not ture, we get deep discounted prices by moving large volumes and years of releationship equity with our trusted farm partners

Affiliates & Influncers

Have a high traffic website or instagram following? Make fantastic income by becoming a Khronix affiliate partner.

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