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Our CBD Tinctures

The triple-pass CBD extract and 100% organic cold-pressed MCT oil we utilize in our Liquid Gem Tinctures, together with certain terpenes and flavorings, are designed for top performance. While you’re on the go, our tinctures are the best way to get your daily CBD dose. You only need to place a drop beneath your tongue to be effective. Since we only utilize the best components, there is no aftertaste, and our tinctures are seamless and effective.

The Liquid Gem Tinctures are a fantastic method to consume CBD. A potent remedy for generalized body aches and pains, CBD. According to numerous research, CBD demonstrates anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential. Because of these qualities, it can be used to treat both chronic diseases and acute pain. CBD Benefits Article

With 100% organic carrier oil, light natural flavors, and a controlled amount of CBD, Liquid Gem compositions are available.

Our Formulations


CBD and ginseng are two ingredients in Liquid Gem Energize that are great for a morning pick-me-up and will keep you going all day.


After working out, Liquid Gem Recover is excellent for reducing muscular discomfort. Athletes benefit greatly from this CBD, Ginger, and Turmeric combination because it is made to reduce muscle inflammation brought on by activity.


Difficulties sleeping? CBD and melatonin are combined in Liquid Gem Dream in a way that promotes sound sleep patterns. Mealtoin comes in bottles containing 500 mg each and is divided into 5 mg droppers.

CBD Tincture FAQ

How do CBD tinctures work?

CBD tinctures are preparations that facilitate CBD absorption into your body and endo-cannabinoid system. That is simply one method of using CBD supplements, which has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

How are CBD tinctures made?

CBD tinctures contain a combination of CBD extract and MCT oil. CBD is derived from hemp cannabis in the same manner as other essential oils. Hemp extract in its completed form has a high concentration and is typically crystalline, allowing it to be easily blended with MCT oil to offer regulated doses.

How do I use a CBD tincture?

Reading the dosing instructions on the bottle is a good idea before filling the 1ml dropper, which you should then use to place the liquid under your tongue for a short period of time before ingesting. Three times a day is acceptable.

About CBD Tinctures

Hemp extracts are combined with a carrier oil to create CBD tinctures. They often come in a variety of tastes and potencies.
The cannabinoids and terpenes in organically cultivated hemp are all removed during the extraction process by steeping the plant material in alcohol. The alcohol is then removed, leaving only the hemp, after which it is distilled.

Following that, carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil are added to this hemp extract formulation. The carrier oil increases the tincture’s flavor while increasing the absorption of CBD.

In the last two years, the popularity of CBD tinctures has reached a fever pitch. But, the trend is slowing down, and now people are more cautious about the quality and source of the product due to a number of exaggerated claims that have been made in the past.

The few possible adverse effects of CBD tinctures are listed a little lower down. Nonetheless, CBD tinctures are concentrated CBD. You should be aware of your dosage even if there are relatively few negative side effects.

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