Hemp Pre-Rolls

Leave Your Grinder at Home

Rolling joints on your own is great, unless….

The wind is blowing, you only have 5 minutes, there’s no flat surfaces, you forget your grinder, your papers, your filters ….
take it easy try preroll.

Buy CBD Hemp Pre Rolls

Hemp flower pre-rolls, are a fantastic non-intoxicating herbal remedy that gives you a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and a wide array of reported benefits. Hemp looks just like marijuana, because of both Cannabis Sativa. The only difference is that hemp is bred to have a very low level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and very high levels of CBD. Hemp flower is legal nationwide.

Packed in our pre-rolls is high-quality organic hemp flower. The flower part of the hemp plant of is where the highest quantity of Cannabinoids reside, especially CBD in the hemp flower

Pre-roll hemp joints are smoke like a marijuana joint or cigarette, buying it in the preroll form is popular because it saves you the time and mess to roll it yourself. You can grind it up to make joints or by pre-rolled joints with filters or simply smoke it from a pipe or bong like tobacco. People enjoy smoking hemp flowers for their related properties. The high doses of CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body which some claim then gives them a more relaxed feeling or chilled out vibe.

Hemp flower is a not addictive and non-intoxicating alternative to tobacco and marijuana. Many people smoke hemp flowers to stop smoking cigarettes or smokeless marijuana. You can consume hemp flowers and experience a sense of relaxation without the sensation of being high.

Khronix Guarantees Quality CBD Pre Rolls

Organic Farming

Organic Cultivation

Our flower for our pre-rolls comes from Organic farms on the West Coast of the USA. All flower is grown with no chemical pesticides and fed all-natural supplements

Curing the Flower

Slow Cured, Terps Locked In

Curing hemp flower makes all the difference, Our flower is cured and stored properly locking in the terpene profile keeping our flower have that pungent smell and smooth smoke.

Packed Fresh

Packed Per Order

We trim and pack your order just for you, it is guaranteed not to be sitting on the shelf for months losing all the terpes waiting to be sold. Trimmed and packed just for you.

CBD Pre Rolls FAQ

What is in a pre-roll joint?

Khronix Original Hemp Flower pre-rolls just have 100% organic hemp flower in them, We select quality flower with no leaves or stems. In our CBD blends with mix with select other herbs that change the flavor and experience. Our infused CBD pre-rolls are prerolls infused with extra CBD isolate and all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes give the pre-roll an extra kick of CBD and distinct cannabis-derived flavor

How Do CBD pre-rolls make you Feel?

CBD pre-rolls are reported to give you a calming and relaxed feeling, The high amounts of CBD may release some tension in your body or mind. CBD has reported benefits ranging from reducing epilepsy to chronic pain, there are many reasons why someone would smoke a hemp pre-roll.

Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

Yes, CBD pre-rolls with less than .03 % THC are legal nationwide. You can carry and smoke them anywhere the only caveat is that they smell exactly like marijuana so if you are in a state where marijuana is illegal and you are smoking in public you may be questioned by the authorities about what is in your CBD pre-roll.

Is a pre roll more effective than a pipe?

They are the same, people like pre rolls because they are easy to carry and require only a lighter to enjoy. Pre rolls are great for taking to an event or on the go where you do not want to be carrying a pipe that can stink up your bag. But they have the same effect of smoking from a pipe.

Can you get high off CBD?

No, CBD is nonpsychoactive so a CBD Preroll will not get you high but most people report smoking CBD gives them a chilled out vibe and a little bit of body relaxation.

How many grams of CBD hemp flower is in a pre roll joint?

Our pre rolls have .6 grams of premium organic CBD flower

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