EU Compliant Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower under 0.2% Total THC

What Is EU Compliant Hemp Flower

EU Compliant Hemp Flower is hemp flower that is under 0.2% Total THC. That is Delta 9 THC and THCa combined and is the requirement for hemp to be imported into the EU legally.

This is strictly regulated and laws can change at anytime so operating in this areas consumers must be educated on all aspects of import and export into the EU.

Khronix can help you source CBD flower that is under 0.2 % most of the tiime we will have this in stock or know of farms in our partner network that have grown Eurpean complaint flower.

Requiring more paper work

Having all of the proper paperwork is crucial for importing into the EU from the USA. So the flower in question must be documented and grown by a licensed farmer in the USA. What Does CBD Flower Do Article

Some Items you need are:

Full Panel COA

This is a certificate of analysis from a certified labratory that is testing for all potencies, pesticides and heavy metals. Some countries will differ on the requirement of the certifiing labratories qualifications. But all flower is going to be subgugated to testing when being imported so it is important the test done in the USA comes from a stand up facility where the numbers will be in a range of accuracy. We all know differnt labs have differnt results and differnt parts of the flower hold more THC and CBD, but top-notch labratories will all be within an accetable range of error. CBD Hash vs. THC Hash: What’s the Difference Article

Growers License

All Flower must be grown from a registerd grower in accordance with the state the flower is grown. What Does CBD Flower Do Article

Chain of Custody

Get ready for some organizations wanting chian of custody on the the flower thhis means roughly documentation that you bought the seed from a registerd producer of hemp seed. CBD Hemp flower


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