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About hemp flower

The non-intoxicating herb hemp flower, also known as CBD flower, is amazing and offers a number of advantages. Because it is the same plant, it has the same appearance and aroma of marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana are cultivars of the Cannabis sativa plant, however hemp is Cannabis sativa that has been developed to have very little THC and a lot of CBD. Every state has legalized hemp.

The female hemp plant’s flower, which is where it first begins to bloom, contains the greatest concentration of cannabinoids.

Most customers who use hemp flower do so in a manner identical to that of marijuana. You can just smoke it like tobacco from a pipe or bong, purchase pre-rolled joints that have filters, or ground it up to make your own. Because of its associated benefits, people enjoy eating hemp. High dosages of CBD interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which some people claim causes them to feel more relaxed or chilled out.

Smoking hemp flower can be viewed as somewhat better than tobacco since it is not addictive and better than marijuana because it does not get you high or impair your judgment or motor skills, even though doctors probably won’t advise it. Several people use hemp flower to cut back on their marijuana or cigarette use. When ingested, hemp flower can induce calm without making you feel euphoric.

Khronix Guarantees Quality

Organic Farming

Organic Cultivation

The West Coast of the United States is the cannabis industry’s epicenter, and it is where organic farms run in families for generations to produce the dankest buds.

Curing the Flower

Slow Cured, Terps Locked In

Hemp flower changes dramatically after curing. We lock in the terpene profile by curing and storing our buds.

Packed Fresh

Packed Per Order

You may rest assured that your terpene-rich order has not been languishing on a shelf for months while we prepared it just for you. customized down to size and ready to go.

CBD hemp flower FAQ

Will Getting High from Smoking Hemp Flower Work? In what ways does it affect you?

If you’re wondering if hemp flower will make you high, the answer is no. There is a significant amount of CBD in hemp flower and only a trace amount of THC (.3% or less). CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that while it has other benefits like physical relaxation and stress relief, it does not lead to a “high” or impair cognitive performance. To learn more about the distinctions between hemp flower and marijuana.Read Article

As compared to other CBD products, how does hemp flower fare?

There is little evidence to suggest that one method of ingesting CBD, such as CBD hemp flower, is superior to any of the others. The cannabinoid can also be ingested through the use of CBD oil or another CBD product. Vaping or smoking hemp flower allows the drug to enter the body more quickly than when taken as an edible, oil, or balm; however, it is unclear if this expedited delivery is actually advantageous.

Why is hemp flower used?

There are numerous uses for hemp flower. Some people use it to reduce the amount of marijuana or cigarettes they consume, while others use it to unwind and relieve physical stress. Most people say that smoking hemp flower makes them feel a little more loose and relaxed. The high CBD content of hemp flower interacts with the body similarly to taking a CBD tincture. Benefits of Hemp Flower Article

What scent does hemp flower have?

Like marijuana, hemp flower have the same appearance, flavor, and aroma. In particular if it is grown inside or in a greenhouse. One distinction is that there are many less hemp strains available than there are for marijuana. There will continue to be new strains released each month because the genetics are still developing.

Can CBD flower cause me to fail a drug test?

Absolutely, ingesting hemp flower can cause you to fail a drug test for THC. Hemp flower has extremely little THC, but even that little amount is insufficient to give you a high. Just minute levels of THC can still be found in these tests even when a person regularly consumes hemp flower, which excludes cannabidiol, or CBD, from the results. CBD and Drug Tests rticle

Is sending CBD hemp flower by postal legal?

Yes, CBD hemp flower is allowed to be shipped straight throughout the United States as long as the Delta THC content is less than 0.3%. For recognized hemp enterprises, UPS has unique registered accounts to ensure that their products are not confused for marijuana. If you don’t have one of these authorizations or agreements with UPS or USPS, your package can be seized. It is likely that you will be able to get your hemp back from them if the flower tests below the legal THC thresholds for hemp, although doing so will be time-consuming. If at all possible, open an account.

Smoking Hemp Flower

Hemp flower infused with CBD can be smoked, exactly like marijuana, its elder sister. Simply light a match, put a bowl in a pipe, and take a puff. You may either buy pre-rolled hemp flower joints from Khronix or grind it up, put it in a rolling paper, and roll your own CBD joints. You can also use a water bong; if you don’t smoke smooth tobacco often, this might be a nice option because it will be easier on your lungs. Try our hemp shisha instead; it’s smooth and available in a variety of flavors, making it one of the greatest methods for non-smokers to consume hemp flower. What Does CBD Flower Do

Freshness Matters

When the premium CBD flower is properly cured and preserved, the terpenes and aroma remain intact. Due to farmers cultivating it for biomass on a massive scale and then harvesting some flower and improperly curing it, a lot of outdoor hemp does not have a strong smell. Apart from Khronix.

We pack the freshest flower

Khronix only collaborates with small farms that grow hemp flower exclusively and are skilled at curing and processing hemp flower. You can count on receiving lovely, hand-trimmed flowers packed especially for your order when you shop with us online. We produce according to your order, so your flower hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for weeks, losing all the beneficial terpenes. We trim it, pack it exclusively for you, and ship it to you so that you can enjoy the desirable, terpene-rich fresh scent.

3rd party Tested

Khronix CBD flower is third-party tested to make sure there are no lingering pesticides and the CBD concentration is as stated on the label.

History of Hemp Flower

One of the oldest plants to be cultivated might be the hemp plant. 8000 BC cannabis seeds have been discovered by archaeologists on the Oki Islands, which are close to Japan. There are records of hemp being used in China to create clothing, shoes, ropes, and early varieties of paper as early as 12,000 years ago, during the Neolithic era. Around the same time period, hemp was produced throughout northern Europe, but it wasn’t used there for textiles until the Iron Age. Cannabis’ quick growth over the west was largely fueled by the ingestion of cannabis flower. Christopher Columbus’ ship used hemp rope; hemp rope was frequently utilized in the shipping sector.

About 1545, the Spanish introduced hemp to the Americas for cultivation, and it quickly spread down the east coast, being used by both locals and Europeans. Moreover, Virginian farmers were mandated to plant some hemp on their property as early as 1619.

George Washington wrote about his struggles with producing hemp in his diary and advocated its use for making rope and textiles. Hemp production was a key component of the state’s economy prior to the Civil War, and other past presidents have shown support for the cultivation of hemp.

Hemp spread rapidly and became a staple crop for American farmers. It may even be used to pay taxes to the government for almost 200 years. Up until 1937, when the Marijuana Tax Act was created to limit the cultivation of the intoxicating kind of Cannabis sativa, its usage was widespread and accepted throughout the Nation.

Today’s passage of the 2018 farm bill has led to a rise in the production of hemp for food, plastics, textiles, and, of course, consumable hemp flowers. Hisory of Hash Article

Hemp Flower Strains

Hemp flower is a young market and the genetics available are not that broad, while it is THC heavy counterpart has 100’s of strains hemp’s noteworthy strains are listed here:


Legendary OG

Suver Haze

Hawaiian Haze CBD

Frosted Lime

Abacus 2.0

Blue Genesis

Elektra CBD Flower

Bubba Kush CBD

Sour Space Candy CBD



Cherry Wine

Cherry Blossom

Lemon Haze

Trump 1

Special Sauce CBD

More CBD Flower FAQ’s

How much hemp flower is required for each use?

One individual would ingest 0.5 grams of hemp flower products at a time, you could say. This would be sufficient to fill a large bowl or make 1 joint. The majority of consumers will buy 3.5 grams for solitary users who only use it rarely.

Hemp flower has a high CBD content and a very low THC content (under.3%), therefore it won’t get you high. Non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD has various benefits including bodily relaxation and stress alleviation but doesn’t make you feel high or incapable of doing your job. The article Hemp Flower vs. Marijuana and the Differences has further information.

How can Khronix ensure that its CBD hemp flower is the best on the market?

Working with small farms and maintaining a chain of custody throughout our acquisition of the best hemp flower, we provide premium hemp flower that are CBD-rich, 100% organic, cured properly, and third-party tested. We take the time to visit our partners to ensure that everything is in keeping with our guiding principles and operating practices.

What is the purpose of a hemp flower?

Absolutely, consuming hemp flower can cause you to fail a THC drug test. Even while hemp flower contains just trace levels of THC, which are insufficient to cause intoxication, regular usage of hemp flower can nonetheless cause these amounts to show up on a drug test.


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