Hemp CBD Dry Ice Hash

How to make CBD Dry Ice Hashish

Making hash with Dry ice can be done a few ways in this article we will show you how to do it with a large flat screen but you can alos use bubble bags or any kind of very fine mesh nylon material pollen.

Get a clean flat surface and a large screen dry ice and the most important thing CBD Hemp flower or trim. 

Mix in dry ice with the hemp flower in a plastic bin, use as much as you can ahndle with your space with out making a mess. You want to break up the dry ice and spread it around in your bin, you can experiment with the amount of dry ice that you use but you will be able to tell that the flower is geeting frozen.

This makes it so the trichomes break off from the leaf. It should only take a few minutes for your flower to get frozen when mixing it with the dry ice

For that we need a large screen.

And the plant material

Use not too much only as much as you can and you will see now you start to rub and also slept better if you slap on the beginning because the crystals are falling completely down and breaking not so much plant material. Asthma plant material you break up as less is it pure?

It takes two to two minutes until the wind starts to get dry and warm a little bit of pressure on it and drop after 2 minutes when you feel that the real is getting warm, then it’s never the time where it finished her off or to slap now. I can feel it’s getting warm. It means really finished her off.

As long as you wrote as more pollen and plant material goes through but it’s not so good quality. If you do it a long time the best to get really high quality is to do it only one minute or less. That’s it. Now now it’s one now. It’s ready to dry again. And then when it’s dry again use it again for a second time to save now. Let’s see how much pollen to get out of this weed.

As you can see there are a lot of pollen left. Now. You can also smell the terpenes. It’s a bit fruity smell lovely. Absolutely lovely. But now we are finished with that. The next step is to dry this video again, because you can do this process two or three times, but don’t forget after each process. The quality will get lower now. I show you how we press the pollen together for that. You need a plastic bag.

And something they can put

As you can see they have a nice color. It’s not too green means there are not so many plant material inside and as you can see


As you can see I have to pull in the back. If you have no press on your hands then do it only if your fingers takes a bit of time. Squeeze it and press it until it’s getting warmer. You can also press it on the table. Don’t be very when it’s not sticks on the beginning because it takes time maybe 1/2 minutes hard pressing and pushing.

Now you can tell you that it’s finish depends on yourself. How much you want, press it as more you present no more as more tacos to I can feel it. It’s getting really hard now very good. Nice tat shows that it’s good quality when it sticks together good. Let’s see what we have. Look at this nice party. It smells a bit like Pine. I don’t know what kind of fruit it is, but it’s a bit fruity, too.

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