Hemp CBD Bubble Hash

How to make CBD Bubble Hash

Making hemp hash is one of the oldest and purest methods of making concentrated cannabis and uses only ice and water as the solvent is easy to do but requires time patience and some elbow grease.

So, let us get started. Here is what you need to make CBD bubble hash when it comes to making bubble hash. You are going to need some bubble bags. And these are usually a vinyl bags that are designed to fit inside of one gallon or five gallon buckets and they have a silicon micro on-screen bottoms of different sizes 252 to 20 microns, you’re going to need three to five different sizes of those you can find links to those kinds of bags on Amazon.

You are also going to need a wooden dowel to agitate the Cannabis. You are going to need some ice about 10 -15 pounds of ice. You are also going to need some hemp cannabis. You can use any grade of cannabis that you want for here. For making this in a standard 5 gallon bucket you can use about three to four ounces of outdoor grown hemp cannabis, if you’re using outdoor grown cannabis or any kind of cannabis, you’re going to want to manicure it down to buds. So, go ahead and pull off the major portion of the leaves and till you get down to the buds unless you are actually using shake and trim. You can also make a CBD hash out of shake and trim. The next thing you are going to do is to layer your bags inside of the bucket. You may use a one-gallon bucket also depending on the bags that you have. But the thing that you want to do is you want to layer your screens inside.

Layer bags by starting with the smallest screen first. So in this case, we put our 25 micron screen in then we put our 73 by run screen and 160 microns screen in and then lastly we’ll be putting our 220 microns screen bag.

Micron screen sizes go by the micron measurement of microns that will fit through the screen this means on the 220-screen bag, 220 microns will fit through each hole in that screen. Then the smaller the number the smaller the hole in the screen

 Now that we have added a bubble bag screens in layers. We have added about three or four ounces of hemp and then now we are adding in ice. Now the ice is being used to lower the temperature so that it freezes the trichomes and so that the stems of the trichomes are brittle and the heads break off into the water. So, you want to use as much ice as possible. we are covering up the all the hemp cannabis and we’re coming about 6 inches from top of the hemp flower.

Now we’re also going to add water and you want to add water so that it barely covers the hemp cannabis which is in the bottom of our top bag so you can tilt the bucket to find out if see if you have enough water covering the cannabis, but that’s the idea is that you want to have enough water to cover your cannabis well up into the ice. And what we are doing is we’re freezing the trichomes. So that the stems become brittle and when we agitate the hemp cannabis the trichomes break off

You can agitate by using our wooden dowels and literally just agitate it being sure not to poke holes into our screens of bags. We are going to keep agitating as much as possible. You can do this for several minutes 15 20 minutes, some people get creative and manufacture a mechanical way to do this to make it faster and less strenuous. After you do that, you are going to let it settle for at least 30 min. We are letting the broken trichomes fall through those Micron screens.

It has been sitting for about 45 minutes and now we are ready to take it out.

First take out the top screen the to 220 Micron screen and set it aside to use again next round. Now time to pull up our first screen which will have trapped some of the larger pieces of cannabis and CBD trichomes and some plant material. So, this first layer of screens that were pulling out is going to be our least pure and going to have our most plant material. Most of the CBD has fallen through this screen. So but you can see a little bit of bubble hash there and it’s a darker color hash take a spoon and scrape it on to a clean dry cheese cloth or other material that will help soak up the water from the bubble hash.

Then take the second screen and order to save the hash that is stuck to the screen we inverted it and carefully dip it back into the water so it will fall into the next screen.

Onto that next screen so now we are going to remove the third screen out. Hold it up and let the water run out of it. We’re not going to squeeze it just let it fall out and then you can see now that the hash left there a little lighter color that the first set and there’s also more of it and there’s a lot less of the plant material here as you can see compared to the previous hashtag came out of it’s a lot lighter color. And again, we are advancing the remaining hash bubble bag. And then we have come to our last screen.

The 25-micron screen it will be the finest green and purest. This screen is going to make sure that pretty much anything left on this screen is just the hemp trichomes that get trapped. Hold it up let the water drain out and scrape the hash on to the cheese cloth. You will be able to tell it’s pretty easy to collect the hemp hash or the CBD trichomes. Compare the hash from this screen and it’s a nice lighter color a little blonder color than the previous two and a little bit more pure. And you can see that’s why those screens are used so that you can get different grades of hash.

Next step a lot of people do use a micron screen here, but you can just use some cheese cloth or a coffee filter here. Fold the cheese cloth over the top of the hash and press out the water. Press a few times removing the water and what’s going to be remaining is hemp bubble hash

Now we have three different grades of bubble hash depending on the three different screens that we use. You can keep them separate or just combine all the grades of hash together as most people dor.

If you’re only going to use one grade of hash in the end, there’s really no need to have multiple screens you can cut it down to just 2 or 3 screens.

And now that we’ve gone one run of our hemp, you can do this two or three different times or even up to five or more times with each with each batch of hemp cannabis. So this is the second run with the same batch of cannabis, you can get pretty goof yields from 2 and 3 runs but could get demising returns after depending on your hemp and set up.

After a few runs the hemp is getting mushy and looks like a lot like seaweed. It’s very foamy and get agitated a lot easier and a also get Foams up a lot easier.
you can flatten out your hash and then chop it up a bit to let it air out overnight. but don’t leave it out for multiple days, take it to a mechanical press and press into hash blocks or just leave it as is and sprinkle it over a nice bowl of flower.

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