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What is CBD Hash?

CBD Hash is simply the trichomes of cannabis hemp stripped from the plant into a powder concentrate some refer to this as the pollen or resin of the plant.

Pollen CBD hash also contains more than just CBD it is full Spectrum containing a higher concentration of all cannabinoids giving you a good entourage effect. CBD hemp hash is a great concentrate to add to CBD hemp flower or marijuana flower simply break some off and sprinkle it inside a joint or over a nug and enjoy.

CBD hemp Hash comes in a few different forms, but all hash Khronix carries are solvent-less extractions. We only use water or really cold temperatures to break off the trichomes of the CBD hemp flower and then sift them through a very fine nylon cloth to get pure hemp kief.

This removes as much of the plant matter as possible. Then it is pressed together with a lot of force-generating heat that sticks the kief together into hash bricks.

Where Does CBD Hash Come from?

Khronix produces all our CBD hemp hash right here in the USA from organically grown hemp cannabis but the history of hash is wide-reaching. Hash is popular in many different countries, but probably more popular in Europe and has been consumed for many centuries but the origins are a little unclear but some may say it originated in Northern India. You can read the History of Hash here

How is CBD Hash Consumed?

CBD Hash is not typically consumed on its own, it is mostly mixed with marijuana or tobacco, but there are many ways to smoke CBD hash, and will go over some of them here

CBD Hash joints

The easiest way is to simply take the CBD Hash break it apart with your fingers into smaller granules and mix it in with ground marijuana or hemp flower. Then roll a joint as you would regularly do. Or if you are smoking tobacco you can do the same with your shredded tobacco. The Hash will change the flavor of the joint to a more musky deeper flavor mostly the joint will smoke the same but perhaps a little slower.

Buy a Hash Pipe

You can smoke CBD hash out of a regular pipe but the hole is a little bit to big at the bottom of the bowl so you risk sucking bigger parts of the hash through. There is a special pipe for smoking hash with a smaller hole so you do not get pieces of hash in your mouth or lungs. You can also just top a bowl with hash that way you will smoke all of it without sucking it through.

Dab it

A dab rig is great for smoking hash but hashish is a full-plant concentrate there will be a lot of organic residues that did not burn away. When you are finished you should clean your glass banger after. Some people also use knife hits this is where you heat 2 knives over a burner and press one knife down on a small piece of hash and then quickly take the other hot knife from the burner and press the CBD hash together between them put your mouth close but not to close and inhale.

Knife Hits

If you feel like reminiscing about being 15 again knife hits are a great way to smoke hash and bringing back the nostalgia of hiding pot from your mom.

Just heat up 2 dull knives over an open flame burner get them good and hot. Proceed to rip off a small piece of hash place it on the counter take one knife from the flame use fork and slide the hash onto the top of the knife. Then take the other knife from the flame and press them together. This will burn the hash and you can inhale the smoke.

Some people use a straw so they don’t have to get their mouth close to the red hot knife or a plastic water bottle cut in half to funnel the smoke to your mouth. After finishing let the knives cool and scrub them and put them back before your mom gets home.

Is CBD Hash Legalin the USA?

Yes, CBD Hash is legal if it is under <.3 % THC, this is hard for most hemp concentrates to be this low in THC, but Khronix has developed a way to create high CBD and CBG hash that meets the 2018 Farm bill in the USA.

Can you cook with CBD HaSH?

Yes hemp hash can be used for making CBD edibles. You can make CBD Hash brownies, CBD cookies, CBD Tea, or pretty much whatever you like. Just go to youtube and follow some instructional videos on cooking with hash. Cooking with CBD hash is the same as marijuana hash but you do not have to worry too much about overdoing it and curling up on the floor for 3 hours. It will not get you stoned.

But important to note since hash is not heated enough during the creation you can not just eat it directly, it needs to be decarboxylated or heated to convert CBDa to CBD.

What does CBD Hash Smell like?

CBD hash has a bit of a flatter profile than CBD flower, Hash is denser and muskier. Hemp hash from different strains will a slightly different smells and tastes but not like the differences in flower. Hash is a consolidation of the trichomes and only some plant matter where the terpenes are. CBD flower will have a more pungent sharp nose to it, This is one reason Hash has been so popular when it was illegal it was easy to conceal in regards to smell and size.

Is CBD Hash the Same as CBD Flower?

CBD hash is not the same as CBD Flower, They are great to consume together, the hash will have higher concentrations of CBD and all other cannabinoids since it is a concentrate of the female cannabis plant.

What Hemp Strains Produce the best CBD Hash?

Just like CBD Flower, different strains will have different profiles, but to create a compliant CBD product in the United States only a few strains can be used to produce hash with under 0.3% THC. Those high CBD low THC strains are Super Lemon Haze, Berry Blossom, Cherry wine, T1 & T2, and Sour Diesel.

These hemp strains have very low concentrations of THC and we are able to create CBD Hash that is THC compliant. Also, look to try our CBD CBG Hash blends. We can get more creative with blending some CBG Hash since CBG has very low THC. 

Can You Make CBD Hash

Yes, you can make CBD hash from fresh or dried hemp flower and shake. Here is an article on how to make Bubble Hash and another on Dry Ice hash

how much cbd does hash have

It is a concentrate of CBD so it is going to have more than the flower it is taken from. There are various methods of making it but one key determination will be what size screen is used and how much plant matter is in the has but you can see that it will be 2-4 times as strong as the starting material.

does cbd hash get you high

With CBD being higher the THC level is usually higher but still not enough to get you actually high, so no it does not get you high or stoned.

What’s better Kief or hash?

Keif and Hash are basically the same thing but you can probably say hash is better because even though it is Keif, it is hard to tell how much plant matter is in kief. CBD hash is pressed Keif and if there is too much plant matter in the kief it will not stick together into nicely formed hash. To an experienced eye, you can tell if it is really pure kief as well but if you are not familiar with kief and hash best to default to buying CBD hash.

Read our article: What is CBD Kief?

All products are legal under the the 2018 Farm bill certifiying that they contian less that 0.3% THC

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