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100% Full Melt CBD and CBG hash

Each and every one of our bricks of sticky CBD hash is made from hand-shifted, 100% kief hash.

Just pure hash—no CBD distillate, flavors, or other additions. precisely how it has been produced for countless years.

Boost your smoking experience with the purest, natural CBD product.

Declare your independence to select a natural treatment that suits you and not big pharma.

What is CBD Hash?

Some people refer to CBD hash as the pollen or resin of the plant, but it is merely the trichomes of cannabis hemp that have been removed from the plant and ground into a powder concentration.

A good degree of entourage effect is provided by pollen CBD hash, which is full spectrum and contains a higher concentration of all cannabinoids than other cannabis products. A small amount of CBD hemp hash can be broken off and sprinkled inside a joint or over a nug before indulging. CBD hemp hash is an excellent concentrate to add to CBD hemp or marijuana flower.

Although CBD hemp hash comes in a variety of forms, all of the hash Khronix sells is the result of extractions we made without using any solvents. To separate the trichomes from the CBD hemp flower, we simply utilize water or extremely cold temperatures. We next sift the separated trichomes through a very fine nylon fabric to obtain pure hemp kief.

This gets rid of as much plant material as is practical. Afterwards, it is squeezed together with a great deal of force and heat, which solidifies the kief into hash bricks.

Where is CBD hash produced?

While organically produced hemp cannabis is used to make all of Khronix’s CBD hemp hash here in the USA, hash has a long and varied history. Hash has been consumed for many years and is popular throughout the world, but it is arguably more well-known in Europe. Its roots are a little hazy, but some people believe it may have originated in Northern India. You can read the History of Hash here


Although CBD hash is often blended with tobacco or marijuana rather than being smoked on its own, there are a variety of ways to smoke CBD hash, some of which we shall discuss here.

CBD Hash joints

The simplest method is to take the CBD Hash grams, break them apart with your fingers into smaller granules, and then combine them with crushed marijuana or hemp flower. Finally, proceed to roll a joint as you normally would. Tobacco smokers can do the same with their shredded tobacco. The hash will give the joint a deeper, earthier flavor, but other than that, the smoke will be the same—maybe a little slower.

Buy a Hash Pipe

Regular pipes can be used for smoking CBD hash, but doing so presents the risk of choking on larger pieces of the hash that may fall through the bottom of the bowl. If you want to smoke hash without getting bits of it in your mouth or lungs, you can do so with a specially designed pipe. You can also only fill the top of the bowl with hash and inhale deeply to get the full effect.

Dab it

Hash is best smoked using a dab rig, but because it is a full-plant concentrate, a lot of organic residue will remain after smoking. You should wipe down your glass banger after use. When taking CBD hash, some people like to employ the “knife hit” method, which involves heating two knives over a burner, pressing one down on a little piece of hash, and then swiftly removing the other hot knife from the burner and pressing the CBD hash together between them. Take a deep breath in and slightly seal your mouth. The Ultimate Guide to Dab Rigs Article

Knife Hits

Knife hits are a terrific way to smoke hash and relive the nostalgia of sneaking marijuana from your mother when you’re 15 again.

Just place two dull knives over a burner with an open flame to warm them up. Rip out a small piece of hash and set it on the counter after that. Pull one knife out of the flame, slide the hash onto the top of the knife with a fork. Put them together after removing the other knife from the heat. You may breathe in the smoke while the hash burns.

Some people use a straw to avoid getting their mouths too close to the hot knife, while others use a plastic water bottle that has been sliced in half to direct the smoke toward their mouths. Before your mother gets home, let the knives cool, clean them, and then replace them.

F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, CBD hash that contains less than.3% THC is legal. Most hemp concentrates struggle to contain this little THC, but Khronix has found a technique to produce high CBD and CBG hash that complies with the 2018 Farm Bill in the USA. So, it is lawful throughout the Nation whether you have 1 gram or 20 grams. You can purchase it without a medical card.

Can you cook with CBD HaSH?

Absolutely, edible CBD products may be made with hemp hash. You can make pretty much whatever you want with CBD, including CBD tea, CBD biscuits, and CBD brownies. Simply visit YouTube and watch some how-to videos on hash cooking to learn the basics of creating edibles. Cooking with CBD hash is similar to cooking with marijuana hash, but there is less chance of overdosing and spending three hours curled up on the floor. It won’t cause you to get stoned.

Yet it’s vital to remember that hash cannot be consumed raw because it is not cooked sufficiently during production; instead, it must be decarboxylated or heated in order to convert CBDa to CBD. Eating vs Smoking THC Article

What does CBD Hash Smell like?

Compared to CBD flower, CBD hash has a slightly flatter profile since it is thicker, muskier, and can seem either black or dark green. The aromas and flavors of hemp hash from various strains will vary significantly, but not as much as those of flower. Only a small portion of the plant matter contains terpenes; hash is a consolidation of trichomes. CBD flower will smell more sharply and pungently. Hash was easier to conceal because of its fragrance and size, which is one reason it was so popular during the unlawful era.


Although CBD hash and CBD bud are not the same, they go well together. Since hash is a concentrate of the female cannabis plant, it will have higher levels of CBD and all other cannabinoids.

What Hemp Strains Produce the best CBD Hash?

Many strains will have varied profiles, just like CBD nugs, but only a few strains may be utilized to manufacture hash with less than 0.3% THC, which is required to make a compliant CBD product in the United States. Super Lemon Haze, Berry Blossom, Cherry Wine, T1 and T2, and Sour Diesel are among the strains with high CBD and low THC. Making CBD hash without THC is currently not achievable.

We can produce CBD hash that is THC-compliant since these hemp cultivars have very low THC levels. Try our CBD CBG Hash combinations as well. Given that CBG hash has a very low THC content, we can be more inventive when blending it. CBD Hash vs. THC Hash Article

IS CBD Hash better than CBD oil?

In comparison to hash, CBD oil may contain a relatively high concentration of the compound. CBD oil is just hemp biomass that has undergone an extraction procedure. You consume the oil as a tincture, which is an extract of CBD oil combined with a carrier liquid, such as MCT oil. Smoking CBD hash is a rapid way to get CBD and other cannabinoids into your system, but taking a CBD oil or tincture may provide you with a bigger or more precise dose of CBD. Because of this, the medical industry prefers tinctures and pills to CBD hash. Organic CBD Massage oil Artcle


Absolutely, fresh or dried hemp can be used to make CBD hash. Below are articles on how to produce Dry Ice Hash as well as Bubble hash. The hash’s color and scent will vary depending on the strain you select, but most hash will be a darker green or black due to the heat or pressure required to press it.


Since it is a CBD concentrate, it will contain more CBD than the flower from which it was extracted. There are several ways to make it, but a crucial factor in how it is made is the size of the screen that is used and the amount of plant matter that is included in it. As you can see, it will be 2–4 times more powerful than the original substance.


No, it does not get you high or stoned since although while the THC level is typically higher when the CBD level is higher, it still isn’t enough to truly get you high. Can you Get addicted to CBD Article


Hash and kief are essentially the same thing, however hash is usually preferable because kief can be difficult to distinguish for how much plant matter it contains. Since CBD hash is made from pressed kief, too much plant material will prevent the kief from sticking together to make a well-shaped hash. In hash form, it is also a little simpler to determine if anything is brand-new or just made. Although you can tell if it is truly pure kief with an experienced eye, it is recommended to buy CBD hash if you are unfamiliar with kief and hash.

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All products are legal under the the 2018 Farm bill certifiying that they contian less that 0.3% THC

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