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Khronix’s Concetrates

Hemp cannabis concentrates are the purest form and highest potency of CBD or CBG that available. They come in various forms and flavors but most will contain 90- 99% of the isolated cannabinoid and be free of THC.

Khronix concentrates are made from Top-of-the-line extraction machinery to remove all trace residual heavy metals and solvents. Extracted from all organically grown hemp you can not get a purer form of hemp extract, than what we supply.

Most of our concentrates are meant for smoking or dabbing, They are great to add to marijuana or just dab on their own. CBD actually helps subdue some of the “getting high” effects of marijuana. Which may be the desired effect or interesting expansion in your smoking regime.

Concentrates are great for people looking to add more CBD or CBG into their bodies in the highest doses and not have any effects of getting high and no chance of failing a drug test. Some hemp flower may have enough THC to trigger a positive drug test.

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter is a full-spectrum extract, so that means it will have trace amounts of Delta 9 THC. The best way to use shatter is to use a dab rig. Our shatter is CBDa meaning it is extracted in a way that preserves as much as the plant as possible using low low heats taking a long time to extract. Our shatter is super quality with no corners cut in producing it.

How do you use CBD Shatter?

It is recommended to use shatter in a dab rig. You do not need much to get a lot of CBD, 1 gram of the shatter will have about 85% CBD. That is 850 MG and around the same amount that is in a common CBD tincture, so start small and explore what amount is right for you

CBD Terpsolate

CBD Terpsolate is hemp-extracted to a CBD isolate(99.5 % CBD) and mixed with terpenes.

Our CBD terpsolate is 95% pure CBD Isolate and 5% plant-derived terpenes. Some of our shatters have solely hemp cannabis-derived terpenes others have plant terpenes to get interesting flavor combinations.

How do you use Terpsolate?

Terpsolate is used to get a high dose of CBD instantly into your body with no THC, It is not recommended that you take big dabs of terpsolate. If you are used to taking a lot of CBD and you feel large doses of CBD help your body pain or some symptom terpsolate could be great for you. If you are looking to counter the huge dab of THC concentrate you just took you should look at using hemp flower or CBD Shatter.


How are Concetrates made?

Hemp flower and leaf are taken through multiple steps of ethanol alcohol or CO2 extraction process.

Hemp concentrates are made by taking hemp plant matter (flower, leaf and small amount of stalk) and put it in ethanol or CO2 solution which strips all of the cannabinoids and other plant material out of the hemp plant. Then you do a solvent wash of removing all of the waxes and lipids this step is called Winterization, which is essentially an extraction process that allows the cuticle waxes and phytonutrients to be removed. The final product is thick and rich in color, with a maple syrup-like consistency at this stage it is called crude oil it is very thick sticky, and almost black in color.

Most crude oils are only about 50-65% CBD there is still a lot of plant matter still in the fluid, So it goes through multiple passes of distillation to purify the cannabinoids down to a higher percentage. Some concentrates might be sold at this stage but most have the THC completely removed from them so it goes through another process of to remove the THC. This leaves you with very high concentrate CBD with no THC.


CBD Concentrates FAQ

Does CBD shatter get you high?

No, it can actually even decrease a high which can be a desired effect for people who may want a slightly different feel when smoking marijuana.

Can I eat CBD shatter?

Technically it is edible meaning it is not going to harm you if you eat it but no CBD shatter is not for eating or mixing in foods. If you would like to mix it in foods you should use CBD isolate.

How do You smoke CBD shatter?

The best way to smoke CBD shatter is to use a Dab Rig.

1. Turn on your torch and heat the nail. Most people will heat the nail until it begins turning red-hot. If you’re using an electronic nail, please consult your product’s manual.
2.Once the nail is hot, turn off your torch and place the glass dome over the nail. It’s recommended to let titanium nails cool for about 10 seconds and quartz nails for about 45 seconds so the surface temperature isn’t too hot.
3.Take your dabber, apply the dab directly on the nail inside the dome, and inhale slowly. Rotating the dabber tip on the nail can help you prevent wasting any oil stuck to the dabber.
4. enjoy!

Can I eat CBD shatter?

No CBD shatter is not for eating or mixing in foods, technically it is edible meaning it is not going to harm you if you eat it but no don’t do it. If you would like to mix it in foods you should use CBD isolate.

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