List of All Known Cannabinoids

Deeper investigation into cannabinoids

Hemp decarboxylation is necessary for the psychotropic chemicals contained in cannabis or hemp stems to become activated. For smokable organic parts, decarboxylation occurs as a result of the heat generated by the flame. Commodities, medicines, and balms, on the other hand, go through a more thorough process that begins earlier in the manufacturing process.

1 Cannabigerovarin CBGV
2 Cannabigerovarinic acid CBGVA
3 Cannabigerol CBG
4 Cannabigerolic acid CBGA
5 Ο-Methlycannabigerol
6 Cannabigerolic acid methylether
7 Cannabinerolic acid
8 Cannabinerol
9 Carmagerol
10 rac-6′-Epoxycannabigerol
11 rac-6′-Epoxycannabigerolic acid
12 rac-6′-Epoxycannabinerol
13 rac-6′-Epoxycannabinerolic acid
14 γ-Eudesmyl cannabigerolate
15 γ-Cadinyl cannabigerolate
16 Sesquicannabigerol
17 Deprenyl Ο-methyl cannabigerolic acid (Amorfrutin 2)
18 5-Acetyl-4-hydroxycannabigerol
19 Acetylcannabigeroquinol
20 Cannabigeroquinone
21 Abnormal cannabigerol
22 Acetyl abnormal hydrocannabigeroquinol
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